7 Things About Gnome 3.6 That You Will Love

We tested Gnome 3.6 by downloading the live image and here are a list of changes we loved, and hopefully, you will love too.

First and foremost, the Activities overview, looks more cleaner and the space for workspaces has been reduced

The online account screen now allows you to add Facebook and Microsoft Exchange account as well.

Cool notifications with a larger notification area. Also chatting with Empathy this way is highly addictive.

The Nautilus. Despite controversies, Nautilus continues to look good. The search has been enhanced and user experience will definitely be better.

Applications screen.

Gnome boxes, the new Gnome virtualization and remote desktop app.

Software has got some enhanced features to do all your software management tasks graphically.

Overall, we found the desktop and apps tightly integrated. Though there are some bugs (system freezes while adding a Google online account) the overall experience was good.

Gnome 3.6 is simple, minimalistic and sexy and all of them together!

Slideshow Image:

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