Tizen 2.0 Alpha Source And SDK Out Now

The Tizen Technical Steering Group have released a new version of Tizen Alpha source code and SDK. This is an alpha release, so expect some bugs and rough edges. Some of the notable changes in this release are:

  • Enhanced Web framework that provides better HTML5/W3C API support and more Tizen Device APIs
  • Multi-process Webkit2-based Web Runtime which provides better security and reliability for Web applications
  • Advanced HTML5 features such as video subtitles and captions, battery status API, screen orientation API, <keygen> and <details>, and more
  • New Tizen Device APIs for file transfer, notifications, and power control
  • Advanced IDE & SDK for Web application development
  • Install manager support for snapshot-based network installation
  • Enhanced support for OpenGL ES
  • New Platform SDK that helps platform development based on OBS

The Tizen website features extensive documentation with all info included about development and usage of Tizen.

Tizen is a free and open-source mobile OS for smart-phones, tablets, netbooks etc sponsored by The Linux Foundation.

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