Ubuntu Unity Aims For More Affiliate Revenue

Canonical is trying to generate more affiliate revenue by promoting online purchases through its products. The Dash launcher component is undergoing changes for this purpose. These changes will be appearing in the next month’s Ubuntu 12.10 Unity desktop release.

When using Unity’s dash lense for searching music, audio and video, online content is to be shown where if a user clicks on the content and purchases it, Canonical will generate affiliate revenue from the content partner. Apart from this, the launcher web apps for Amazon and the Ubuntu One music Store are going to be enabled by default in hopes of boosting the revenue for Canonical.

Purchases made through the Ubuntu Music store, as well as the Google search bar in FireFox has been already generating affiliate revenue for Canonical. Previously they had tried using Yahoo search by default in attempt to earn more money but later the change was curtailed after blacklash from the users.

Canonical has also been accused of taking affiliate sales from music purchased through open-source software applications. With these activities attempting at higher revenue generation, Canonical has been in the center of many controversies and criticism recently.

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