First Images Of Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 Arrive For Testing

It’s here. We have been writing about the ‘official’ edition of Ubuntu Gnome for almost a year now and it’s finally here. The first ISO (alpha) images of Gnome Shell edition of Ubuntu is now available for download and testing, Jeremy Bicha just told me on Google+.

Ubuntu Gnome Remix

What Is Ubuntu GNOME Remix?
According to the project page, “The Ubuntu GNOME Remix is a mostly pure GNOME desktop experience built from the Ubuntu repositories. The Quantal Quetzal Alpha Release of Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10 is a developer snapshot to give you a very early glance at the next version of Ubuntu GNOME Remix.”

The Ubuntu GNOME Remix offers a mix of packages. The team has tried its best to offer the pure Gnome experience but due to bugs some ‘important’ Gnome applications have been dropped.

  • the first GNOME 3.6 beta, GNOME 3.5.90.
  • Web (epiphany-browser) is the GNOME web browser.
  • Abiword is the GNOME word processor and Gnumeric is the GNOME spreadsheet app.
  • GNOME Classic (gnome-panel 3) is included but GNOME Shell is the default session if your hardware supports it. If you want the – GNOME Classic with-effects session to work, install compiz.
  • Software (gnome-package-kit) is included in this alpha release. It also includes its own update manager. You can install updates by opening Software and clicking Check for Updates in the Software app menu.

Ubuntu One is one of the most important applications/services from Canonical and while it is not pre-installed, Ubuntu GNOME Remix comes with an Ubuntu One installer which makes it easier to install Ubuntu One and use the cloud.

What’s missing at the moment:

  • Boxes is not included as it didn’t seem to be working. Also, qemu-linaro (qemu-kvm-spice) doesn’t built on i386 in Ubuntu. qemu-kvm with spice support does build in Debian though on i386. (928432)
  • LibreOffice
  • Documents as it depends on LibreOffice.
  • Firefox and since Web doesn’t support Flash you will need to install Firefox or Chromium..

But you can easily install applications like LibreOffice (and thus Documents), Firefox or Chromimum easily from the Software (manager).

Some GNOME apps will not be upgraded to 3.6 for the 12.10 release. If you want these, try the GNOME3 PPA.

One may debate the default applications, but in my opinion there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to complain about this alpha. On the contrary a Gnome user will only appreciate the hard work done by Ubuntu developers like Jeremy Bicha to bring out this release.

Since it’s alpha and the first release of Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10 it’s only going to get better with time. As a GNOME/Ubuntu user you can help make it better by participating in Ubuntu and Gnome. You can also help the team in squashing bugs as Linus law states, “Given enough eye balls all bugs are shallow”.

The Gnome edition of Ubuntu will bring back a lot of hard-core Gnome Shell fans who were looking elsewhere to get the pure Gnome Shell experience. Both Fedora and openSUSE are doing a great job at offering Gnome 3 Shell experience and the arrival of Ubuntu GNOME Remix will give the project the audience it needed.

The availability of Ubuntu GNOME Remix also fills the missing gap that was created when Canonical embraced it’s own Unity for Ubuntu. With Ubuntu Gnome Remix now there is something for everyone in Ubuntu’s shop.

You can download the ISO images (torrents) of Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 from this link.

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