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Debian Wheezy May Ship With XFCE As The Default Desktop Environment


Debian developers are planning to switch the default desktop environment of Debian 7 codenamed Wheezy from Gnome to XFCE. The move comes mainly to make the distro lightweight and also reduce the size of the installation image.

Joey Hess posted in Debian Tasksel:

This ensures that the desktop will fit on CD#1, which gnome currently does not. There may be other reasons to prefer xfce as the default as well, but that
is a complex and subjective topic. Unfortunatly, Debian does not have a
well-defined procedure for making such choices, though it certianly has
well-defined procedures for reviewing them. So, I’ve decided to be bold,
and continue the tradition of making an arbitrary desktop selection for
Debian in tasksel.

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Some of the top distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint have switched to alternate DEs like Unity and Cinnamon as their default desktop environment. Does this move reflect less trust in Gnome 3?

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