5 Top Features Of Gnome 3.6

Gnome Shell 3.6 Beta is finally available and we are going to cover some of the top features in this release:

1. Support for HarfBuzz

HarfBuzz is a text shaping engine that is use for implementing OpenType fonts. This has been finally merged with pango and will be avialable in Gnome 3.6.

2. Better Magnifier

For people with diablities, Gnome has always made a desktop for everyone. Accessibilty has been one of the top features, and Gnome magnifier had a tight integration with desktop. With Gnome 3.6, this integration goes further, with some extra features like configuration of various colour effects, zoom enhancements and inverted colors.

3. Better activities overview

The screenshot ‘says’ it all.

4 . Message tray redesigned

Bigger icons and persistant notifications.

5 . Enterprise login for office and work networks

Gnome 3.6 stable will be released this September with all these features implemented and bugs squashed.

Slideshow Image:

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