Ubuntu for Beginners: System Settings

In the previous article you were able to find out what Ubuntu software center is capable off. Today you are going to read a bit advanced theme: System Settings.

Once when you get comfortable with Ubuntu you will want to: change desktop appearance, test sound, create accounts on your system for other people and much more.

For previously mentioned operations you’ll have to “dive” into Ubuntu’s System Settings. If you are a beginner, don’t let that scare you away. Most of these operations are slight easy.

So, to open System Settings you have to click on a System Settings icon as shown on a figure 1.

Ubuntu Settings
Figure 1. System Settings icon on a Launcher

Once you clicked on a System Settings icon you will be prompted with its interface as shown on figure 2.

Ubuntu Settings
Figure 2.  System Settings interface

As you have seen on figure 2, System Settings consists of three sections:

1. Personal – this section is connected with your system’s appearance i.e. you can change desktop wallpaper, keyboard layout etc..
2. Hardware – under this section you can tinker with your hardware i.e.  check if sound card is working properly, look for additional drivers etc..
3. System – here you can create extra accounts for other people, adjust time and date etc…

Now you have seen the general picture of System Settings. To close you this part of Ubuntu a bit more and convince you that this is nothing scary, let’s look one part of each previously mentioned section a bit closer.

From Personal section Appearance icon is chosen. If you click on an Appearance icon under Personal section you will be able to change wallpapers for your desktop and make it more personal that way. See figure 3.

Ubuntu Settings
Figure 3. Appearance

After you have decided what kind of a wallpaper you would like, turn back to System Settings by clicking on All Settings tab (left upper corner).

Next section is Hardware section. Here is chosen Sound icon. Soon after Sound icon is clicked you will be prompted with its interface as shown on figure 4.

Ubuntu Settings
Figure 4. Sound

If sound card is working well, let’s see where you can create extra account for your friend or a guest.

Hopefully you remembered how to get back to System Settings main window, (hint: All Settings tab at your upper left corner).  For creating extra accounts you have to click on an User Accounts icon under System section. If everything went well you should be prompted with User Accounts interface. See figure 5.

Ubuntu Settings
Figure 5. User Accounts

Today was a bit advanced theme for a start but, hopefully you agree, it was not difficult. In the next article I’m going to switch from Launcher to Ubuntu’s main menu which is above Launcher, (hint: remember first and second article ?).

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