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Kubuntu 12.10, Quantal Quetzal Alpha 3 Released

The Kubuntu team has announced the availability of Alpha 3 of Kubuntu 12.10. This release is important for KDE users as they can get a glimpse of KDE 4.9, which is under heavy development and brings major UI improvements.

With this release you will see the brand new LightDM which has replaced the good old kdm. LightDM uses QML based themes so the Kubuntu experience will start right from the boot.

LightDM vs KDM

Kubuntu also offers excellent integration with open source cloud based-service ownCloud 4 which adds a host of new features including shared calendars, easier sharing of files and a more shiny photo gallery. With Kubuntu 12.10 you will also experience the latest version of KDE SC applications such as Calligra Suite, a decent alternative to Microsoft Office, Krita (image editing program), Skanlite (scanning tool), Kamoso (webcam application) and easy management of tablet devices.

You can download the alpha builds from this link. However since the images are around 1GB you will need to either burn it on a DVD or simply create a Live USB. Just keep in mind that alphas are not meant for daily ‘consumption’. It’s meant for testing and enthusiast who want to see what’s coming next. Don’t install it on your production machine. We won’t be responsible if it kills your cat.

Kubuntu is no more a second class citizen in the Ubuntu family. It is now being maintained by Jonathan Riddell and is funded by Blue Systems, the same company which also funds Netrunner and Linux Mint. So, if you had issues with Kubuntu previously, I will recommend you should give it a try again.

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Download Kubuntu 12.10 alpha 3.

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