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Gnome 3.5.3 Development Release Out, To Become 3.6

The GNOME project have released the third update to the development cycle heading for GNOME 3.6. This is an unstable release and though usable, its mainly for testing and hacking purposes. The major changes in this release are a new API framework for Evolution Data Server, new widgets in GTK+ and a new Empathy interface to integrate well with the Gnome 3 style.

You can read the release notes of core and apps from these links. Some of the core GNOME applications like Eye Of GNOME, Epiphany, Gnome Contacts, GNOME Terminal and Nautlius have been updated in this release along with a lot of bug fixes in extra apps.

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For the impatient, grab the source code of core and extra applications and compile yourself. Gnome 3.6 is scheduled to be released this October and it will be based on this development release.

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