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Fedora 18 To Include UEFI Secure Boot By Default


In a FESCo meeting held on 23rd July, Fedora’s Engineering And Steering Committee members have decided to include UEFI Secure Boot in Fedora 18. Codenamed Spherical Cow, this release is scheduled to be out this November. Only two votes out of nine were against inclusion of secure boot.

According to plans put forward by Red Hat employees Mathew Garret and Peter Jones, Fedora 18 will ship with an additional minimal shim bootloader. This bootloader will be signed using Microsoft’s Signing Service, which will allow it to boot in secure boot systems. The shim bootloader will then load the systems actual bootloader (here GRUB) which will enable users to boot Fedora or Windows 8 according to there choice.

There will be some restrictions on this type of booting. For example, kernel will not allow some parameters to be passed during booting. X servers will have to use kernel mode setting (KMS) for hardware acceleration. Also, proprietary drivers of NVIDIA and AMD will no longer work when booting with secure boot enabled. However, users need not worry as Fedora does not ship with these drivers by default.

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You can read the log of the meeting here.

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