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Did Apple Call Galaxy Nexus A Stolen, Pirated And Counterfeit Product?

Apple is stooping to a whole new level. The company is evidently scared of competition in the mobile and is using every legal means to ‘kill’ Android.

The same company which stole UI from Xerox, whose founder shamelessly admitted that they had been shameless about stealing ideas from other companies is putting the Galaxy Nexus phone in the category of ‘stolen, pirated, counterfeit, or infringing products.’

Apple used the above wording in a response to Samsung’s complain about the letters Apple sent out to retailers asking them to stop selling Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab  10.1. I am curious if Apple sent another set of letters to the same retailers asking them to resume the sale of Galaxy Nexus as the ban has been lifted?

Asians Don’t Innovate
There is a myth that Asian companies don’t innovate. Which camera do you use? The chances are either Canon or Nikon. These are Asian giants who invest billions of dollars in brining the next great camera to you. Look at the car industry, electonics, TV, entertainment. The latest and greatest TV technologies including 3D is coming from Asia. So, get out of the RDF and know that every industry has players that invest quite a lot in R&D and innovation.

Samsung, just like any other Asian manufacturer, spends billions of dollars on R&D and comes out with pioneering technologies such as AMOLED and then companies like Apple use a tiny patent a) which should not have been granted by the USPTO in the first place b) which is not even worth 2 minutes of a developer’s time to ban an entire product line is outrageous.

Abusing The System
Should an entire range of product be banned because it has one tiny features out of millions of other features which even iPhone misses — unified search? Will a judge ban the sale on BMW cars if Mercedes claims that the icon of horn on BMW steering wheel looks like the on one Merc?

A sensible approach would have been to ask Samsung to ‘remove’ the infringing feature unless the matter is resolved instead of banning the entire range of devices. It’s disappointing that the same judge has banned Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US citing it looks similar to the iPad!

Really! Every laptop, DSLR, PC mouse, keyboard…look identical should the losing companies start calling for ban based on patents that should not have been granted in the first place?

There is no way a consumer will bring home Galaxy Tab 10.1 thinking it was an iPad. Did he not see the giant Samsung Galaxy Tab on the box? Was he so stupid that it never occurred to him why there is no mention of Apple or iPad on the box? You went to buy a hair dryer but came back home with a vacuum cleaner just because it looked like a hair dryer?

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The US patent system is making it impossible to innovate in the mobile space and companies like Apple are abusing the system. We need a patent reform more than we need stupid SOPA.

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