Does Ubuntu Have Any Market? Open Discussion

I sometimes wonder what is the target audience of Ubuntu. Yes, it is being used in server space but that’s more of ‘stablised’ Debian. But when we look at the desktop Ubuntu doesn’t seem to have any targeted market at all. There is not a single use case where Ubuntu can be used as the ‘only’ OS.

1. Content consumption: you can’t access Netflix, Flash, Picasa, Silverlite, Flickr etc to consume content.
2. Creative people: there is no professional applications for content creation available for Ubuntu — Photoshop, Adobe Priemere, etc.
3. Managing devices: there are no apps to manage your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

There are sporadic users who dual boot with Ubuntu. But can someone ‘pin-point’ the core audience of Ubuntu?

@submitted by Jonatha Muhin

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