Linus Torvalds Loves Google Nexus 7

Linus Torvalds posted a review about his newly bought tablet, Google Nexus 7, and it seems he is quite satisfied with it. Linus finds Nexus 7 ‘So far: very positive’, as he writes on his Google+ page.. Linus finds Nexus 7 ‘So far: very positive’, as he writes on his Google+ page. He also is not bothered about the fact that the tablet has only a front facing camera – “It’s probably fine enough for some video conferencing, but since that’s not my thing let’s just say “whatever”.”

Linus prefers plain android look and dislikes the customizations and skins different hardware manufacturers use. He also liked some extensions and improvements in Android Jelly Bean – “And yes, it’s smoother, and “plain android” is picking up some of the best extensions (like app folder shortcuts). Yes, resizable widgets etc. And a lot of small improvement just in general”.

The only issue he seems to face is that Gmail app cannot be used to send plain-text emails. “But the %^$* thing still cannot be set to send just plain-text emails. Why, google, why? Good technical mailing lists all know that html email is just spam or marketing people, and auto-delete html crap. Just give me the option to send text-only, ok?” writes Linus.

Linus has also used the tab as a replacement of Kindle reader, and though Nexus 7 is not as good, he seems quite impressed with it. – “And it has enough pixels to make small text readable. I had to change the font-sizes to be smaller, but I can understand why the default would be the medium-sized text.  I prefer my text small, so that I see more of it at a time. That said, I’ve used it as a kindle replacement for a few evenings, and for pure reading, the kindle still beats it handily for that (although when I want a light, the Nexus 7 comes close).”

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