Four Young Programmers Coded 48 Hours To Raise Donations For The Raspberry Pi Foundation

Four young programmers, Ben, Luke, Ryan and Edward, aged between twelve and sixteen coded 48 hours in Python. The result was a game and more than 500 pounds raised for the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The coding marathon, Raspithon, was held last weekend on July 20. As according to Ryan, the game goes something like this:

It’s the year 200X and you have been stranded in your ship. With no engines you are stuck in space in the middle of an alien attack. It’s now down to you to defend the ship from aliens coming to attack you from all angles!

It was a learning experience as well as a big challenge for them. The progress was streamed live at the Raspithon website. The below picture is a screenshot of the game, Rasperroid.

The source code of the game is available at Github.

Slideshow Image:

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