Now You Can Order More Than One Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi foundation had earlier restricted the sale of Raspberry Pi to one set per person due to its high demand, but now that restriction has been lifted.

Liz Opton, Raspberry Pi Foundation’s only full time worker, blogged that their partners, RS components and Farnell are manufacturing 4000 Raspberry Pis everyday, which will enable customers to order the Model B board in multiple quantities worldwide. This will be a great help for businessmen and schools who wanted to order Raspberry Pi in bulk, but couldn’t due to the earlier restrictions.

Opton wrote:

“This is of special importance to those of you who are using the Raspberry Pi in your businesses, and to people looking to buy classroom sets for schools and universities. And if you’ve been waiting for the Raspberry Pi to be in general delivery before you order, now’s the time to get your order in; it helps us to plan the supply chain efficiently if we have a bit of visibility of what’s just down the road.”

You can read the post here and order Raspberry Pis from here and here.

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