Google Drive For Linux Is Still A Priority

Google Drive was announced in April this year. Unfortunately, for GNU/Linux users, there was no client for them. It was expected that Google would announce the Linux client soon, but it never happened. It’s been 4-5 months and still there is no Linux client. Well, technically there is Google Drive client for Linux — Google’s own Linux based distributions — Android and Chrome OS.

There were numerous speculations that Google might announce the Linux client during their IO 2012 summit but that also did not happen. There are a lot of ‘campaigns‘ running on Google + asking Google to release the client.

When asked on ‘Google’s Product Forums for Google Drive’ that when will Google Drive be announced for Linux, Teresa W, Docs & Drive Community Manager, of Google replied:

Hi everyone – Google Drive for Linux remains a priority for the team. Thanks for following up with us!

Teresa’s response gives Linux users some hope that there is still a possibility of Google Drive for Linux. However, there is still no concrete release date or time frame.

Google has been quite active in supporting GNU/Linux so I an curious what is taking it so long for them to offer a client?

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