Chrome Apps Can Access Webcam Without A Plugin

Google Chrome team has made life easier for web developers and users. Google has implemented getUserMedia API in the beta channel of Chrome browser which allows users to grant web apps access to their camera and microphone right within the browser, without a plug-in. It opens doors to immense possibilities for developers to create ‘open’ and standard based apps which can use your webcam and microphone.

Google has also implemented the Gamepad Javascript API in the beta channel and these two APIs can trun the trio of your browser, webcam and microphone into a powerful gaming and communication device.

Tommy Widenflycht, Software Engineer and Real-Time Communicator, Google shows us the possibilities this creates, “getUserMedia can be combined with other platform features like CSS filters and WebGL to render effects as the <video> is captured. For example, you can rotate the video and add hipstery filters, play a xylophone with motion detection, try on glasses with face detection, and step into a photobooth with crazy effects like “Snow” and “Fire.”

To complement that, as I stated above, the Gamepad Javascript API will “help developers access input from any standard gamepad connected to the user’s machine, creating a richer gameplay experience with these controllers. Gamepad access was made available for NaCl in May, and since its introduction has enabled awesome games like AirMech. We’re excited to see what developers will create in JavaScript,” explains Tommy.


The possibilities are immense and you can get a taste of it by installing Webcam Toy app from the Chrome Web Store and play with your webcam.

You can install the beta of Chrome from this link.

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