LibreOffice For Android Starts Taking Shape

The Document Foundation is planning to release LibreOffice, the free software office suite, for Android devices. A good amount of work has been done on the app and here we bring the latest screenshots of how this app will look like.

LO Android

As Michael Meeks, the developer working on the app, says, “What does that look like – well, that gives a fairly horrific, bolts and all, barely usable (even with keyboard and mouse) office suite on your tablet.”

Despite these early looks, one can see a lot of features.

Meeks writes about the current state of the project, “As part of the Google Summer of Code, Iain Billet is working hard at building a Java viewer UI for LibreOffice, that will integrate nicely into the platform, and provide fast pan / zoom / page-flip browsing, and all that good stuff you expect. Tor meanwhile (modulo having just left for vacation), is working on tiled page rendering to textures. That will allow us to quickly render portions of document content at any scale, asynchronously in a background thread, to suit the viewer. This is going reasonably well.”

There are some parts are teh app which look better. Like this file manager which lets you open all Open Documents and other office documents from your sdcard. The screenshot shows a clean, polished interface suitable for touch enabled tablets.

The document viewer also looks good.

If you would like to test it out, there are detailed compilation instructions. Also The Document Foundation is looking for more people to work on this project.

There is no open source office suite for Android or other mobile platforms which supports open formats such as .odt. LibreOffice will certainly have a huge install base.

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