Nautilus To Get Major Makeover In Gnome 3.6

If you use Gnome, you must have used Nautilus which is the default file manager that ships with Gnome by default. We have been closely monitoring Gnome 3.6 development and here is some interesting changes lined up for Nautilus.

Nautilus will not have compact mode for file viewing. We went through some GIT logs  and we found that gnome developers have decided to remove the compact view for files, the reason being, “There is really little difference between compact mode and icon mode with labels on the side. Well, except for that that horrible horizontal scrolling.”

According to the developer William Jon Mc Cann:

This doesn’t really work well, it is inconsistent with the file chooser, isn’t use anywhere else in GNOME, and we want to enhance the list view to cover this case.

With this changes lined up, its no doubt that Nautilus in Gnome 3.6 is going to get a revamped UI. Gnome 3.6 is already getting a lot of changes like rebarnded message tray and a Power Off button instead of Suspend as we had posted earlier.

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