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Nvidia Employee Asks How They Can Improve Linux Support


It seems that recent comments made by Linus Torvalds and the loss of deal from China have made the people at NVIDIA take Linux more seriously and amend their attitude towards it. Recently an Nvidia employee asked in the Kernel Summit mailing list what could be done differently to make the Linux support better.

Stepen Warren, the poster of the message, asked what else should the Nvidia team be contributing to other than submitting patches for Tegra SoC.

As quoted from the original message, “In a Google+ comment, Linus noted that we have mainly been contributing patches for Tegra SoC infra-structure details. I’m curious what other areas people might expect me/NVIDIA to contribute to. I assume the issue is mainly the lack of open support for the graphics-related parts of our HW, but perhaps there’s some expectation that we’d also start helping out some core area of the kernel too? Would that kind of thing help our image even if we didn’t open up our HW?“

Warren also asked if there is some new ideas that he can suggest NVIDIA for opening up. The whole message as well as replies can be viewed from this page.

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With NVIDIA finally interested, can we expect them to open up and offer better support? At least now we can tell that they really want to improve their relationships with the Linux community.

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