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First Beta Of Krita 2.5 Now Available For Testing

The next version of Krita,  KDE’s artwork program for sketching and painting, is going to be released soon. The team has released first beta of Krita 2.5 which brings many new features and improvements.

New features are being planned for the next release which include the textured brushes, improved openraster compatibility, improvements in transformation tools, support for selecting units in rulers etc. Also features like shortcuts, high resolution PDF import, improvements in performance and recovering of autosave files are currently being promised. Also it will feature a new interaction framework that will allow interactions like color-picking, zooming, panning, rotating etc universally, no matter which tool is selected.

You can download the latest stable version from your distro’s repos or from this page.

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If you want to test 2.5-beta1, you can use the unstable repo of your distribution. Check out this page to grab unstable packages of Krita for your distribution.

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