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Fedora 18 To Offer Awesome Setup, Configuration Experience

Fedora 18, codenamed Spherical Cow, will make it easier for new users to set things up and configure networks, devices, online accounts etc during the first boot, thanks to a new feature coming soon called InitialExperience.

This is similar to initial setup present in Apple’s Mac OS X and iOS which configures things as connecting with an Apple a/c, choosing the keyboard layout, transferring files and documents, creating a user account etc.

The move is planned to be implemented along with Gnome 3.6. Previously, it was installer’s (Anaconda) work to set things up and make the computer ready for use, but InitalExprerience will separate the configuration for later as the main goal of the installer is to just to install the OS to the hard disk. This move will obviously make the installation more simple and fast and will also be a benefit of developers as it means less work to maintain the Anaconda code.

As stated in the wiki, initail-setup application will be started during the first boot of a newly installed Fedora desktop and will cover things such as showing EULA/license screens, connecting to network, create a local account or connect to a enterprise system, set the timezone, setup onlne accounts like Gmail, Exchange etc. Previously some of these tasks were to be done manually and were a part of the Anaconda installer. After the setup, its planned to show a tour of Gnome 3 as this environment is often confusing for new users.

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This move is mainly aimed to make the installation of Fedora hassle free. It will also provide a smoother initial experience for new users of the Fedora desktop and let them configure essential parts of GNOME so that they have a fully functional desktop after going through the initial setup. Some screenshots are available on Live Gnome page which gives you an idea of what to expect from Gnome 3.6 and Fedora 18 and how this InitailExperience will look.

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