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Android Microwave Oven Cooks Food, Suggests Recipes Too

SectorQube, a Kerela based IT company, has claimed to make a micro-oven that runs on Android. The Microwave Android Integrated Device (MAID) has the capability to guide you to cook over 52,000 recipes (plus more downloadable from the Internet) via voice instructions. This is the first device of its kind in India, and now it seems that after smartphones and tablets, its time for Android to take over home and consumer devices too.

The company has spent nearly Rs 20,000 to customize Android and integrate it with a microwave. Though the device is still a prototype, the company claims to start mass production by December and the market price is expected to be around 7000-8000 Rs. This intelligent device was developed by a team of seven engineers and the project took six months to complete.


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With Android conquering other technological devices as well, apart from just phones, all we can say that this Open Source project has a long and big way to go.

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