Zorin OS 6: Quick Look

Making the switch from Windows to Linux can be a bit challenging for some uses, if they have gotten so accustomed to Windows that using any other OS makes them estranged.

For such users Zorin OS has been the goto distro from quite some time and the Zorin OS camp intents to keep it that way with their latest offering Zorin OS 6 Core.

Zorin OS 6 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 ‘Precise Pangolin’ and is a LTS release. With the changes in the Gnome land both with Gnome-Shell and Unity, Zorin OS developers choose to use standalone AWN(Avant Window Navigator) on top of Gnome 3 which they are calling ‘Zorin Desktop’. Many Linux users and an Iranian distro AriOS already use standalone AWN on their systems so this is something that is not unique but giving a Window 7 like interface on a well built system is.

Zorin 6

You also have the ‘Zorin Look Changer’ with which you can easily switch interface’s  look from Windows 7 to Windows Xp and even Gnome 2.

Zorin 6

The look changer works fine most of the times but on some occasion it can make AWN disappear. While we are on looks, the default wallpaper(the blue one in inset)plus the collection itself is a poor choice in my opinion. The cloud one that I am using is from the elemenary OS Luna wallpaper collection(they are excellent) which you can get hold from here.

The 32-Bit and 64-Bit ISO are of 1,382MB and 1,474MB respectively but you get a good amount of applications and codecs pre-installed that will cover most computing needs of an average user. Chrome is you default web browser, Thunderbird as your Mail client, Empathy for your instant messaging, Gwibber for your social networking, the latest Gimp 2.8, the complete LibreOffice suite, Rythmbox for you audio playing,Totem and VLC for your video playing, OpenShot video editor, Cheese Webcam both and more.

Wine and PlayonLinux are also pre-installed so that you may easily install and run Windows applications.

Their is also something for easily installing more browser called ‘Zorin Web Browser Manager’.

Customising Zorin OS 6 is pretty easy just in case you don’t care for the whole Windows inspired look as you can easily change it into this or whatever you prefer.

All in all Zorin OS 6 is a good distro and I will recommend it anyone looking for an Out of the box Operating System with a traditional interface.

You can download Zorin OS 6 Core from here.

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