Gnome 3.5.3 Will Bring Great Improvements

Gnome 3.5.3 is around the corner and a lot of hype is currently going on featuring this release. Here we bring to you the most noticeable changes implemented this week.

First and foremost, there are a lot of new account providers added in the Online Accounts section. Now you can add your accounts from Microsoft Exchange and Facebook apart from Google and Windows Live to keep your desktop always in sync with the online world.

Here is a preview of the Online Accounts to be shipped with Gnome 3.5.3.

A new screen reader application option is added to the accessibility menu. Unlike previous versions, accessibility will be always on by default, without affecting performance, stability or workability

Sceen Reader Gnome

The new version of baobab disk usage analyzer now gives more comprehensive results and also list the folder names and usage in the chart

Gnome 3 Baobab

Mounting removable media will become easier, as its handled via shell style dialog

Gnome 3 Disk Mount

With so much improvements going around, will the next version of Gnome be the best release ever? What do you think?

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