KDE To Become More Social

We have good news for KDE users who want better integration with social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter or identica. Soon you will have your favorite social networks at your fingertips thanks to Marty, a developer working on his Google Summer of Code project.

KDE already has all the components needed to achieve this – such as data storing, processing and visualization.

Akonadi will be used for data processing and each social network will have its own data cache. The app will get the data from servers and store them in cache. Currently, the akonadi-facebook is quite complete, capable of fetching your news feed, notifications, friends, events and notes. The patches are available In KDE’s GIT repos.

The code infrastructure of Twitter/Identi.ca is quite old, so a new one is currently being written from scratch. It’s not usable yet, but will be soon available in repos as soon as it does (extremely confusing statement). The code is not usable yet, but it is under active development and can authenticate and pull timeline for users. Marty says that once it is ready he will push it to a scracth repo. As fare as Google+ is concerned it  will be implemented once Google released their API.

The following is the whiteboard of the proposed social network integration.

The news feed of all the social networks will be displayed in one place, with options that will allow you to post in one or all networks.\

The developer is also planning Plasma ‘on-screen’ notifications for updates/mentions/notification for these networks.

Sharing his vision Marty says:

The ultimate vision is to have all nicely integrated – you’ll see the latest Facebook post in the KDE Telepathy contact list, you’ll be able to start a chat from the plasmoid etc. We have lots of the needed pieces already in place, we just miss the links between them.

Slideshow Image:

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