KDE To Get Smarter Copy Dialog

Cyril Oblikov, a KDE developer, is working on a new copy dialog for KDE as his Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2011) project. The idea of the project is “intelligent errors handling during the file transfer process.”

As Cyril explains, “The essence is that sometimes users need to transfer large amounts of data, but sure they don’t wont to monitor the transfer all the time.”

The problem with the old method is in case of any error transfer was blocked and requested user interaction. Which means if you are transferring huge amount of data any error can not only block the transfer but will also pause unless the user intervene. I would rather go and do something else when I transfer my video footage (which is usually 20-30GB per transfer) instead of sitting in front of screen and monitoring the transfer.

Cyril agrees, “This is not a right approach to the matter, because it wastes user’s time and makes him/her nervous. I divided these errors into two parts: one of them really need user actions while others just informs about some files that can not be transferred.”

The new copy dialog solves this problem as “if there is a problem with file(s) you are trying to copy, it will no longer block the copying process. Problematic file is classified and just goes to the coresponding tab, where user can find and resolve the problem,” says Cyril.

Above is the first preview of the new copy dialog.

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