Gamepad API Support Coming To Gnome

Good news for Gnome users, Gamepad API support is headed for Gnome soon, according to a recent blog post by Zan Dobersek whow was selected for Google Summer of Code.

Zan Dobersek posted in his blog – “Patch for adding Gamepad API support was updated and now requires only some minor details to be polished before it can be landed.”

Some minor things still need to be done before it lands in Gnome. The basic implementation of Gnome Settings Daemon plugin and Gnome System Settings have been created. For the time being, these implementation are temporarily based on gnome-3.4 branches, but will soon move to 3.6 codebase as soon as there are some decent 3.5 releases.

Gamepad API support was always in wishlist of any Linux gamer. You can currently give them a try. They are available in GNOME Settings Daemon and Gnome System Settings GIT repositories.

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