openSUSE 12.2. Beta 1 Available

It’s Christmas time for a GNU/Linux user. After the impressive release of Fedora 17, openSUSE is gearing up for version 12.2. The team has announced the first beta of openSUSE 12.2.

openSUSE team seems to be going through storms, there servers went down couple of times in the last few months and then the milestone got delayed as well. But the team seems to “starting to settle down and announce the availability of Beta 1 today!” writes Jos Poortvliet on openSUSE blog.

I am triple booting with openSUSE, Fedora and Ubuntu so I am excited about this release as it will bring Grub2 (no more worries about not finding Ubuntu in the Grub menu), GIMP 2.8, new LibreOffice and much more. It also brings the latest and greatest from KDE (including Qt 4.8.1 and KDE SC 4.8.3) and Gnome (3.4.2).

Jos further writes, “Heavy work has been going on in the area of bringing Xorg 12.1 and split-up Xorg packages to Factory. Moving from there, the new graphical stack combined with the new compiler tools (llvm, GCC 4.7) and the new Mesa can bring cool new stuff: llvmpipe bringing gnome-shell to non-accelerated systems and the svga gallium driver featuring 3D support to VMware VMs. We have switched from the old bootsplash to the modern Plymouth with our own plymouth openSUSE theme.”

Since it’s a beta release it’s your turn to find the bugs and help the teams in fixing them. You can download Beta 1 of openSUSE 12.2 from this link.

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