Ubuntu One Adds PayPal Support

Canonical’s consumer cloud service Ubuntu One has added support for PayPal which makes it easier to buy more storage. Earlier Ubuntu users were able to buy additional storage by entering their credit card details. Many users don’t feel comfortable sharing their credit card details on the world wide web. The availability of ‘secure’ PayPal will make it easier to expand Ubuntu One storage.

Ubuntu One Behind Competitors
While it is nice to see Ubuntu One getting PayPal support, it is unlikely that I will buy any extra storage from Ubuntu One. I don’t even use Ubuntu One due to it its lack of basic features and unavailability on other GNU/Linux platforms.

Ubuntu One Paypal

One of the biggest disadvantage, or deal breaker, is the inability to sync the folder of your choice. Ubuntu One can only sync folders within the /home. On the contrary services like Dropbox (and soon to arrive Google Drive) allows a user to sync the folder of your choice.

I don’t understand the strategy Ubuntu has to capture the market as it is adding services which may not be needed at the moment (support for PayPal) and ignoring the features that are much needed such as ability to sync folders of choice and availability on other GNU/Linux distributions as well. This limitation is another reason I switched from Ubuntu One Music to Google Music.

In order for Ubuntu One to become a ‘serious’ competitor, they need stay ahead of the competitors or at least offer the features that others do offer.

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