Mandriva Becomes A Community Distribution

The troubled GNU/Linux distribution Mandriva, which continue to survice despite all odds has announced that the development of the once most popular distribution is going back to the community. Mandriva is controlled and developed by Mandriva SA, a French company, just the way Ubuntu is funded and developed by Canonical.

CEO of Mandriva SA, Jean-Manuel Croset, writes, “After reviewing all your messages, suggestions, ideas and comments, Mandriva SA took the decision to transfer the responsibility of the Mandriva Linux distribution to an independent entity.”

This is good news for Mandriva users and will also bring back the confidence in the once popular distribution. Quite a lot of users switch to other distros given the uncertainty around the future of the company, which was up for acquisition couple of times.

Croset further writes, “This means that the future of the distribution will not be arbitrary decided by the Mandriva company anymore, but we intend to let the distribution evolve in and under the caring responsibility of the community. Mandriva SA will of course be a part of this entity and will support it with direct contributions. It is expected to fulfill this move within the next months and a workgroup of community representatives is being setup right now. This workgroup will be assigned the task to define the structures, processes and organization of the new entity and will start to work in the next few days.”

Mandriva was forked by some community members as Mageia. It will be interesting to see how Mageia and now community driven Mandriva will work together.

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