Gnome Flavor Of Ubuntu Planned For 12.10

Gnome users have a gripe that there is no pure Gnome flavour of Ubuntu which they can simply download and install without having to add PPAs or install extra packages. I have been a long time Gnome user (recently switched to KDE due to Unity) and have been looking for a pure Gnome-based version of Ubuntu. I dabbled with Gnome Shell Ubuntu Remix and liked it.

Some Muktware fans were also considering the possibility of Gubuntu. Unfortunately we did not see much initiative from Ubuntu teams to create a Gnome flavour. Either way all the derivatives were driven by the community and not core Ubuntu team. This expectation of mine was based on the fact that Gnome was the default of Ubuntu. We have good news for Gnome fans.

Jan Hoffman the creator of Gnome Shell Ubuntu Remix informed that Jeremy Bicha has posted on Google Plus that it is planned to create a Ubuntu Gnome flavor for 12.10, “Goal for the 12.10 release cycle: Ubuntu GNOME, shipping GNOME apps with the default GNOME configurations.”

A session is planned in UDS to “Discuss what demand there is to make a GNOME flavor of Ubuntu, what it would contain and if it would have patches over upstream GNOME and what work needs to be done to make it happen.”

Our Gubuntu related stories got massive response which indicated that these is a huge demand for Gnome 3 shell, so Gnome Flavour of Ubuntu may bring more users to Ubuntu.

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