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Vivaldi Orders Delayed, Blessing In Disguise

After a temporary hitch with trademark issues, KDE Active Plasma tablet has hit another road-block. There will be delays in the orders.

Aaron Seigo has blogged about this delay, “We had expected to be able to pull the lever on orders for Vivaldi by a couple of days ago. Last month there were some developments that have consequently pushed back the project by about a month.”

If you have ordered the tablet, you should be getting a mail from MakePlayLive.

The good news is that the project is on track. The delay in the order is caused by “a number of things in our supply chain through to retail have ended up taking longer than expected,” explains Aaron. The delay in hardware is not new, do you remember the infamous delay in iPhone White? Vivaldi is apparently doing far better.

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This delay is blessing in disguise, “The Plasma Active Mer OS that will appear on the device is progressing nicely with things like hardware buttons, file management and more starting to really slot in. Thanks to the extended timeline to delivery, we will also likely be shipping from day one with the ability to set activities as private and have them locked with encryption behind a password.”

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