Muktware Ubuntu Manual

Muktware Ubuntu Manual is finally available for download! After almost 2 months of working on it with other contributors, I am proud to finally see it complete. I would like to thank the community (readers) for stepping up and helping us with the manual. The result is a comprehensive guide to using Ubuntu 12.04 which will definitely be very helpful to new users and also users who are upgrading from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04.

We are also planning to integrate it in the Ubuntu Software Center. It is currently under review. Once the review is complete, you can also download it directly from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Without further delay, you can download the Muktware Ubuntu Manual below,

You can download it directly to your Ubuntu One account using the button below. First time users, please note that the file is downloaded to your “Sent to Ubuntu One” folder. This folder is not synchronised to your device automatically. This is done to avoid files being synced to all your devices automatically. You can set it to synchronise locally in the Ubuntu One control panel or using the web UI.

You can download it from dropbox using this link.


Slideshow Image:

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