Ubuntu, Backtrack Linux Appear On Indian TV Serial CID

Linux and Open Source is going main stream. Earlier we noticed LibreOffice in ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

LibreOffice in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Now we noticed Ubuntu in Indian crime thriller CID. The head of a company is murdered and CID thinks that there was some info in his PC that the murderer wanted. When they tried to boot the system they were greeted by Ubuntu’s famous log-in screen.

Ubuntu in CID

Ubuntu in CID

Their ‘so-called’ security expert can’t ‘break’ the password so they called a hacker. When this hacker came he booted Backtrack Linux 5.

CID Back Track Linux

But it’s so funny that once he was able to crack the password and gain access to the system the CID team asked him to access the data. When he booted the system something magical happened it booted into Windows 7.

Ubuntu and Back Track featured in Episode 820 of CID which was air on April 14, 2012. You can watch it on SetIndia’s official YouTube channel. [Check the time in above screen-shots to find Ubuntu and Back Track]

If you have seen CID you won’t talk about logic or reasoning so we won’t get into how Ubuntu turned into Backtrack Linux and then Windows 7 but it’s great to see Linux in the mainstream media.

Maybe next CID assignment will be to find who is creating virus for Apple Mac!

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