Ubuntu One Reveals Send to Ubuntu One Feature

Ubuntu One is the remote storage/file sharing program developed by Ubuntu. Every Ubuntu user gets 5 GB free storage. Every new Ubuntu release has increased the integration the Ubuntu One within Ubuntu. You can choose which files to sync right from Nautilus (default file manager) and control what you sync via the Ubuntu Control Panel which can be accessed from the messaging menu or the dash. With Precise, the Ubuntu One control panel received a visual refresh. Ubuntu One can now be installed in Windows, Android and iPhone increasing the mobility of Ubuntu One.

Well, Ubuntu One has revealed their next upcoming feature “Send to Ubuntu One”. This feature involves adding a “Send to Ubuntu One” button on website to share files quickly. By sending it to Ubuntu One directly, the downloaded content will be synced to all the devices that the user has like his mobile, laptops etc.

One possible use case scenario could be that you find an entertaining music or video on the web, by sharing it directly to your UbuntuOne, you will have it on your mobile and your computer. You can see that in the screenshot below.

There are several mp3 tracks as you can see in the screenshot. On pressing the “Send to Ubuntu One” I was able to get it on my mobile and my computer. No intermediate process required where I download the mp3, send it to Ubuntu One to get it synced on all my devices. It created a new folder called “Sent to Ubuntu One” as you can in my Ubuntu One Control Panel.

You can try this for yourself at this link (http://www.sci-fi-london.com/old-time-radio-0). This is the only website that currently supports this feature for now. I can think of many ways where this can come in handy in Muktware itself. If we ever wanted to share a file to all our readers, all we need to do is to embed the Send to Ubuntu One button in a post.

As usual the one main issue concerning this is the adoption of this feature. To really make use of this feature it is required for other website to embed this on their website to share content.  This problem could be circumvented if a add-on is developed for the browsers out there like Firefox, Google Chrome etc, where user can do this for all websites.

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