ownCloud Needs Better Integration With File Managers

ownCloud yesterday announced their commercial offering and clients GNU/Linux based distributions, mainly Fedora and openSUSE. ownCloud is better option than proprietary Dropbox for those who have their own servers, as you and only you have access to your data.

Since Ubuntu One (and I think its non-free) is not made available for other distributions, ownCloud is in a better position. The next evolutionary step for ownCloud is to integrate it with File Managers. A developer Viraj Sinha has proposed a project at openFATE to offer ownCloud’s integration with KDE’s file manager Dolphin.

Viraj writes, “This plugin will enable kde users to sync their folders with owncloud with just a click in their file manager. The user will just right click on the folder he/she wants to share and a proper sync – desync option will come up in the menu which will enable the user to link/delink his folder with owncloud.”

He also points out the benefits of this plugin:

The present scenario in owncloud is if there is an instance of owncloud running on the machine then the user will need to login there . After logging in user will have to choose the files/folders he wants to share. If the user is browsing through his files he doesn’t have the option of choosing it there only . He will have to come to his browser window and go to owncloud tab to share. This once implemented will make life easier for people using dolphin as a file manager as the user while browsing through his files or folders will have the option of syncing/desyncing his files/folders with owncloud.

I think other file managers such as Nautilus should also work on integrating ownCloud. What do you think of ownCloud vs Ubuntu One? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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