Linus Torvalds Awarded Arch Linux As The Most Consumer Friendly Distribution

Arch Linux has won the Free Software Award for the Most Consumer Friendly Linux Distribution. Aaron Griffin received the award from Richard M. Stallman and Linus Torvalds at the LibrePlanet conference at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

“The purpose of a GNU distribution is to make it easy for users to use GNU systems. It’s a stupid idea when you have to compile everything from scratch,” said Linus Torvalds at the event.”The reason I never liked or used Ubuntu was that you have to compile everything from scratch.”

Arch Linux beat Gentoo this year. Last year Gentoo won the coveted ‘Most User friendly Linux Award.”

“I think Arch was the best choice this year as it respects user’s freedom and keeps its repositories free from any proprietary or non-free packages. Arch-GNU/Linux was our first choice because it discourages practices like DRM or Tiviozation. I think other distributions must follow this practice. If you can’t respect freedom, go release your sex-tapes or commit suicide, please leave the morbid GNU/Linux world alone.”

When someone from the crowd asked Linus Ubuntu, he said, “I think Ubuntu crowd is a bunch of masturbating monkeys obsessed with KISS principle, forcing users to use the stupid command line.”

Richard M Stallman congratulated Arch for their achievement but also pointed out the areas where he thinks Arch needs improvement, “Arch’s lack of support of DRM is the only area where I see hurdles in the wide-spread adoption of Linux. We have elevated the DRM implementation project at FSF to boost work on it. Today Arch is the second most popular operating system and this gap is only due to Arch’s bad philosophy of pure Free software. I think they should start offering proprietary and patented applications in their repositories.”

Gentoo Linux won the second spot and CRUX Linux grabbed the 3rd spot as the most user-friendly distribution of the year. Ubuntu and Linux Mint could not qualify for the award due to their overly complicated Unity and Cinnamon interfaces.

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3 thoughts on “Linus Torvalds Awarded Arch Linux As The Most Consumer Friendly Distribution

  1. Arch: “Most Consumer Friendly Linux Distribution.”

    Ubuntu: ”The reason I never liked or used Ubuntu was that you have to compile everything from scratch.”

    WTF??? Ubuntu is the most stupid, easy and U-friendly distro i ever used. No compiling from a scratch. Just install from live medium and start using! It’s Arch (which i use right now and i can say that Arch is the best distro i ever used) which needed to vuild a stabile system “from a scratch”! :O

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