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KDE Tablet Vivaldi To Get 10-inch Version, First Tablet Received 3000 Orders

The development of KDE Plasma Active tablet is on fast track. Aaron Seigo, the lead developer behind the tablet has blogged about the recent progress. Aaron says that Matthias Lee, of opentablets.org, has “put together forums for Vivaldi and have started posting news and information about our efforts,” says Aaron.

The team has working with the new OS images. These images boost performance and reliability.

With newer images, I’m now getting ~7 hours of continuous usage on the device. Again, this depends on what I’m doing, but while flipping between activities, launching apps, doing some web browsing .. you know, the usual stuff .. the battery is serving us well. It is still possible to kill it quicker with more aggressive usage (true on all devices in my experience), this is quite reasonable. I’m hoping we can deliver with these kinds of lifetimes on the battery.

The images are now available publicly on the Vivaldi page of Mer Wiki.

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3000 Vivaldi tablets ordered, 10-inch version coming
Aaron recently told in an interview that they received 3000 pre-ordered before they closed it. Another exciting news is that they will be releasing a 10-inch version of the Vivaldi tablet. They have already chosen the hardware for the release. Can you guess which tablet will be branded as Vivaldi 10?

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