What Users Say About Gnome 3 Shell

We were astonished by the response we received on our Google + page. The overwhelming response in favour of Gnome 3 Shell was incredible. You can read it yourself, here are some comments that we liked.

Brett Legree  –  I like GNOME Shell for various reasons – it works well with keyboard and mouse, it works on screens of all sizes, it looks good, it is fast (on my hardware), and – this is important to me – it is mainstream, meaning it is supported by a large company – Red Hat, via Fedora.

Mark Lilley  –  I use Gnome 3 and love it. I use LMDE and upgraded to Gnome 3 early. I think it needs to grow and develop more much as KDE 4 did but its still a good DE in its current state.

Christopher Bowley  –  I use it, and no matter how “slow” it is on my NetBook, every time I switch to something lighter, I’m back to Shell within a couple days. Just the ease of use, tap the corner, click on window I want, or tap corner, click on app name. It’s leaps and bounds easier than clunky menus from the 80s.

Reinout van Schouwen  –  I think Gnome 3.4 is already way more ready for “mass consumption” then 2.4 was, and it’s getting better all the time. I’m a happy user.

Josh Vanderwillik  –  I think gnome 3 was a smashing success. Sure you can’t do applets anymore, but the extensions for it are amazing. It’s rough around the edges, but it’s a step toward an overall more advanced product.

Leandro Perona  –  I liked Gnome Shell from the moment I saw it. It is minimalist and good looking. I dares to try new concepts. My favorite feature is dynamic workspaces. I use workspaces to organize my work and before Shell I couldn’t decide how many were enough. Not any more, now I have as many as I need when I need them.

Dynamic workspaces is the feature that convinced me to install Shell as soon as it was available in Debian Experimental, less than a month after the official 3.0 release. I’ve used it everyday since, with only some small video driver related bugs every once in a while. Not bad for a 1 year old desktop environment.

Gnome Shell has not failed. Gnome 3.4 is to be released tomorrow. It comes with Gnome Shell.

What is your opinion about the Gnome 3 Shell? Share your thoughts on our Google+ page.

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A free software fund-a-mental-ist and Charles Bukowski fan, Swapnil also writes fiction and tries to find cracks in the paper armours of proprietary companies. Swapnil has been covering Linux and Free Software/Open Source since 2005.

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