Kubuntu Active To Run On Tablets

The lead Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell has announced the activation of Kubuntu Active project targeted at tablets. The project has started creating daily builds. At the moment the builds are available only for the i386 architecture, but will soon be available for ARMv7.

“The project is aimed at creating a Kubuntu version of the Plasma Active tablet interface,” writes Fabian Scherschel on H-Online.

Kubuntu Active will benefit from the upstream Plasma Active interface being developed under the leadership of Aaron Seigo.

Jonathan writes in his blog, “The first Ubuntu flavour for tablets is now making daily builds. We even got our first bug reports from our locally Plasma Active upstreams. Images are for i386 only for now, ARMv7 should be added when we know it’s a bit more stable and have testers.”

Looking at the impressive progress of KDE’s Plasma Active one may think Canonical should have continued to fund Kubuntu and focused on Kubuntu for tablets. It will be interesting to see when Canonical will come out with the tablet version of Ubuntu.

KDE is believed by many as the most advanced desktop environment and, unlike Unity, has different versions optimized for netbooks, desktop and now tablets.

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