Google Tablet May Debut In May

We are filing this report under ‘rumor’ section as there are no confirmed reports yet. According to reports Google is finally working on Google branded Android tablet, on the lines of Nexus series of smartphones. Unlike the Google phones which enable developers to have access to an open device, this time Google is reportedly taking aim at Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

The tablet will be priced low to compete with Amazon’s Fire. The Nexus Tablet can also be the first device to show developers and OEM the huge potential Android tablets hold to sell content such as movies, music and games.

This time Google is supposedly partnering with Transformer maker ASUS for the 7-inch tablet. Digitimes reports that Google was in talks with other OEM players and HTC was the strongest contender but the Sense maker wanted more control over the development of the tablet and was also unwilling to develop a ‘cheap’ tablet fearing impact on its own branding in the market.

The Tablets are expected to be announced by May this year.

What would you like to see in the Google Tablet?

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