Android Aims To Become A Gaming Hub? Increases App Size To 4GB From 50MB

If you are a gamer you know that HD games need to download additional data, which includes graphics and levels. The more complicated the game is the more data it will need. Till now Android apps were limited to a maximum size of 50MB. Now, Google is raising that limit to a whooping 4GB. That’s a huge amount of data. Is Android aspiring to become a serious gaming hub?

That doesn’t mean that the apps will be of 4GB size now. The size of the app file (APK) will still be limited to 50MB “to ensure secure on-device storage, but you can now attach expansion files to your APK,” says Tm Bray in a blog post.

This is good news for developers as now Google will be offering hosting and storage for this additional data. It means less hassle and cost saving for developers.

It also brings good news to user as they can now see the total size of the app before purchasing.

Does this development mean Google is now positioning Android as a gaming device? Can you see any relation with the ‘play’ specific domains Google recently purchased?

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