KDE Powered Spark Caught On Video

Aaron Seigo, the KDE lead and creator of Spark, has released a video of Spark running Plasma Active. The Spark is getting quite a lot of attention from the companies as well. Aaron Seigo says, “We’ve also received numerous inquiries from both ISVs and potential retail partners. The potential for using Spark (and subsequent) devices for vertical applications has not been lost on the savvy. Use in educational settings, for medical imaging applications and in customer service roles have all been raised.”

The pre-order registration for the tablet was expected to start this week but it got delayed, Seigo says, “We’ve experienced scheduling problems with our logistics partners that have been utterly out of my hands. We had a commitment for it to be live by Tuesday but they are still working on it.” (follow us on Google + to know about the pre-order registration.)

Spark holds great potential. I have not seen the tablet yet, but I have experienced the Plasma Active 2 and I am definitely impressed by it.

I played with a tablet running Plasma Active during FOSDEM (it was supposedly running openSUSE) and it was quite snappy even if I was not certain about the hardware. This left me craving for ‘Spark’ the official KDE tablet.

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