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PC-BSD And iXsystems Release PC-BSD Version 9.0


The PC-BSD development team and iXsystems have announced PC-BSD version 9.0, the Unix-like, desktop OS based on FreeBSD. It’s the first version which offers users many open source Window managers to chose from, such as KDE, GNOME, XFCE, LXDE. Also available are pre-built VirtualBox / VMware images with integrated guest tools for rapid virtual system deployment, and native support for installing directly to OSX BootCamp partitions.

New enhancements have also been added, including an updated PBI (Push-Button Installer) system that allow users to easily install programs without deleting or overwriting important data. The Life Preserver app, which allows users to easily back up their system has been enhanced.

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The team has fixed it so that this new version can be used on tablets and other touchscreen devices. PC-BSD 9.0  is also fully integrated with ZFS v28 courtesy of the FreeBSD Project. ZFS (Zettabyte File System) is an open source 128-bit file system that provides triple-redundancy storage without a RAID controller, automatically restores corrupted files from redundancies, and allows users to incrementally back up a snapshot of the filesystem to a remote ZFS volume.

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