Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android Released

Wind River, the maker of embedded and mobile software, has presented Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android, a series of software modules which the company claims can accelerate Android device development and reduce engineering time and cost to help developers turn around high quality devices faster.

The Solution Accelerators for Android are currently available in three software modules – user experience, connectivity and medical.

Wind River is offering accelerated boot time technologies including Hyper boot enabling devices to resume from RAM in less than 1 second and from Flash in 8 seconds, multi-windowing screen navigation, multimedia functionalities and a firmware management system that supports both online and offline update methods.

The solution offers multimedia interoperability capabilities via the DLNA standard, SyncML support and FM radio capabilities.

The solution is designed to help medical device manufacturers leverage Android’s platform richness and flexibility for innovation, this module supports the IEEE 11073 stack, the format for information exchange between personal health devices such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors and blood oxygen monitors. The module also includes an optimized Bluetooth Health Device Protocol implementation and applications for medical sensor management and resulting data display, reporting and communication.

The company has been busy in the Android field, most recently working with major global players such as Clarion, Fujitsu and Leadcore Technology on a diverse range of Android implementations.

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