Android Manufactures Come Together To Fight Apple, Microsoft Patent Attack

Chinese manufacturers have come together to fight the patent war waged by Microsoft (Nokia) and Apple against Android using the flawed patent system. Microsoft, having failed in the mobile segment, has resorted to force manufactures to sign patent deal and extort money over bogus patents.

Barnes & Nobel have challenged Microsoft’s patent claims in the court and it turns out that most of these patents are bogus. Manufacturers who signed deals with Microsoft probably found it cheaper to feed the troll than to take it to the court. But it seems Chinese manufactures have had enough of the two bullies.

Apple has already lost its patent war against Samsung in Australia, Netherlands and Germany.

According to Digitimes “A number of handset makers in China, including Lenovo, ZTE, TCL, Coolpad and Konka, has formed an alliance in preparation to counter possible patent infringement lawsuits to bring upon by international players, according to industry sources in Taiwan.”

It’s time for Android manufacturers to come together and create an alliance to fight Microsoft and Apple’s patents attack. If an alliance is formed it will bring an end to the new strategy of Apple and Microsoft — “why innovate when you can litigate.”

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