Android Doesn’t Support Linux

It’s an irony that Linux-based Android tables don’t support Linux-based operating systems. Android 3.x+ uses MTP for mounting the devies on the PCs, which is not supported very well on Linux.

I reached a dead end when I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Android 3.2. Prior to the update I was at least able to copy content to the tablet even if I was not able to copy anything from the tablet to my Linux machine. Which means all the images that I took from my tablet can’t be copied to my Linux PC (I use Ubuntu and openSUSE, Fedora is not playing well with my GPU).

But all the hell broke lose after the update. When I connected my tablet to copy some songs I was shocked. All I saw was folders with crazy number on it. Now, I can’t create folders, copy content and can’t even see what is on my tablet from my Linux PC.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Google/Samsung please provide Linux users with ‘tools’ like Kies which are ‘exclusively’ available for proprietary platforms such as Windows and Mac.

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