Linus Torvalds Starts Liking Gnome 3

Gnome 3 has finally won some ‘praises’ from Linus Torvalds. The father of Linux earlier called Gnome 3 a holy mess and asked for someone to fork it. A fork of Gnome 2 was created, called MATE.

Yesterday Gnome project announced a site called Gnome Extensions which makes it easier to find and install extensions. A lot of useful Gnome 3 extensions already existed, but not much was known about it until LinuxMint popularised them. It seems Linus Torvalds has tried the extensions and is now liking it. He posts on his Google + page, “Hey, with gnome-tweak-tool and the dock extension, gnome-3.2 is starting to look almost usable.”

He further suggests:

Now I just hope those things become part of the standard gnome shell setup and made available in the regular “system config” thing rather than hidden off. Sure, make them default to off if you want that “clean default”, but make them easy to find and part of the standard install.

Or would that be too close to “Ok, we admit we were wong” and thus not politically acceptable?

You can find Gnome Extensions Here

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