LibreOffice May Get Cosmetic Surgery

LibreOffice, the fork of OpenOffice should be called the most disruptive fork. Less than a year of the split it has not only become the default office suite of all major Linux-based distros, but has also started filling up the pot-holes OpenOffice had.

One of the areas where LibreOffice needs massive changes is layout and design of the suite. There are some developers and designers who are working on ‘possible’ design changes to the LibreOffice. That doesn’t mean that the LibreOffice team has made a decision to change the UI.

The good news is unlike Microsoft’s Office’s Ribbon interface which is an aweful waste of spcae, LibreOffice design team is looking at more sensible approach.

Some mock-ups of the Citrus UI.

Citrus LibreOffice

LibreOffice Citrus

What changes do you want to see in LibreOffice?

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